Yamaha SA-5 / SA-30 / SA-50 Bridge Dimensions

As I restore my Yamaha SA-5 guitar, I’ve been taking dimensions of some of the harder-to-find parts so that they can be more easily re-created by folks in similar situations. It’s hard to find these parts on auction sites, but you can 3d print a facsimile fairly easily or use the model as a reference for hand re-creation.

Today I made a CAD model and drawing of the base of the bridge. The bridge is a two-piece setup commonly found on archtop guitars, though the dimensions of this bridge are not common on modern guitars to my knowledge. This bridge is also pinned to the guitar with wood screws, which makes the dimensions particularly important.

Here’s a picture of the real bridge base with the adjustment screws + thumbwheel installed, as well as some dimensions from the CAD drawing. I recommend playing around with the 3d model in Onshape to get a feel for the various dimensions.