Yamaha SA-5 / SA-30 / SA-50 / SG-2 / SG-3 Tremolo Collet

I recently acquired a 1966 Yamaha SA-5. It can be hard to find parts for these guitars. In particular, the tremolo arm and collet always seem to be missing. Mine has the collet but was missing the tremolo arm.

I found that this 5mm push-in replacement tremolo arm is the proper dimensions, provided that the collet is well-adjusted.

I also made a CAD model and drawing of the dimensions of my collet, in case folks are motivated to make their own. I have zero experience with CAD drawings, but hopefully these dimensions will be sufficient information.

These videos are an excellent source of information about how these assemblies go together. In particular for the collet, it threads into the tremolo base and is held in place by a jam nut (threaded M8 x 0.75). The tremolo arm itself slides in and is caught by the bottom half of the collet (tightened slightly to keep it from passing through). The nut that holds the tremolo arm in place has an internal M8 x 0.75 thread, but has a draft/taper internally that causes the top half of the collet to tighten on the arm.